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Parents + social media = not the perfect combination

My parents are clueless about social media and I don’t think they are the only ones. They don’t have a Facebook (thank goodness), a Twitter account, Flickr, or post videos on YouTube. I am hoping this will never be the case. I remember one day my mom asked me to set her a Facebook account, and I blankly refused. This is because knowing my mother; she is the 15 percentile that does not conform to technology. Back in the day, I got her MSN Messenger so we would be able to video chat during my first year at university. I can count on one hand the amount of times that happened.

Now it may be because my parents were born are baby boomers and part of generation X. They didn’t grow up the way I did having Internet and all this technology at a young age and only started learning how to use this no more than 15 years ago. But still, I cannot see them adapting to being connoisseurs about social media. The only form of technology, not even social media, my parents can successfully use is e-mail, and that’s because their jobs require them to constantly e-mail clients. Don’t even get me started about texting – my mother has never sent a text message in her life and when my father sends a text message, he tends to have numerous           gaps             in           between          each           words. Unless parents are willing to be taught how to use certain social medias, I don’t see them taking the initiative and learning themselves how to create a Facebook account or post videos on YouTube because their generation never had this intergraded into their lives at a very young age. Our generation, generation Z, will be more inclined to keep up to date with social medias and conform to certain social media because we grew up with this our entire lives and we won’t remember a time where Internet didn’t exist.

Social media belongs to generation Z and generation Y – any generations older than that will be less inclined to adapt to new technology, notably social media, unless someone tells them they should.