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Online apologies: real or fake?

The topic of apologizing online came up during our lecture the other day and I couldn’t help but think that I have never been given nor would I ever apologize online. First off, I would never believe that the apology was sincere enough because it’s made out to the public. If you are going to apologize, do it on your own private time, rather than broadcasting it out to everyone on Facebook (because they can clearly see when someone post’s something on someone’s wall). What’s terrible about an online apology is that an individual can take the tone the words are written and twist it around. For example, saying this “I said I was sorry!” or this “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you”. Some people still nowadays don’t understand how crucial the way we form words can affect someone. The words “I said I was sorry!” could speaks volumes about the way the individual affected the other person and how they are handling a situation because an apology is a regretful acknowledgment of an offence or failure. Nonetheless, the tone of this example sounds insincere. Something to always remember is that the tone of your voice is more resonant than the tone in your words.

The only way I can see an apology being sincere online is when it comes through from a public figure, such as the government, newspaper, or any other organization. Of course in this case, it is hard for them to go one by one apologizing for their mistake. However, if this is the situation between two individuals, whoever is apologizing should realize that the way they are apologizing speaks volume of the relationship between these two individuals. If it were an acquaintance I met once, sure I’ll apologize online, but that’s because I don’t know them. But what if I got in a huge argument with my best friend? No way are people going to know about that online and I sure won’t apologize online since I value our friendship and our relationship.


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